Monday, May 2, 2011

What Does Katherine think of the Santa Monica Airport?

Yes, I was asked via email, what is my "opinion of the Santa Monica Airport".  Well, incase you were also wondering, below is my answer.
I first became familiar with the Santa Monica Airport about 10 years ago when I went to the Barker Hanger for an event.  I was amazed to find an airport that had been enveloped by residential neighborhoods. 

Being so close to so many homes, I do have a few concerns about the Santa Monica Airport.  My concerns do center on health, and safety.  I do not want the airport to expand any further – creating additional noise and air pollution.  But, I do respect that it is the oldest operating airport in Los Angeles County and I do want to keep it operational.  The airport is a great local resource for pilots who own planes, people who want to learn how to fly, and special events.  This airport provides many services on a smaller scale.

I do want the airport to be a good neighbor to the residents in the area.  With such a large population surrounding such a small airport, I would look to reduce the current maximum noise level of 95.0 dBA SENEL, and I would place a moratorium on additional business permits to aviation companies whose main business is flying.  I would have no part of closing a business that was already approved to be operational, but preventing further expansion is viable.

I hope that you were able to find what you were looking for when you asked what my opinion is of the Santa Monica Airport.
Earlier today, I supplied that response to the voter from Marina del Rey who took the opportunity to ask. 

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