Wednesday, May 11, 2011

California Women (Do) Lead

It is proven that women do do things differet than men... and I had a great time being in such accomplished company tonight at the California Women Lead event held near LAX.  I did not know of this organization until I was asked to participate in their event, but having learned what they do, I feel priviledged to have been invited to share who I am, and what my campaign is about. 

I may be the youngest in the field of 16 candidates, but I let those ladies know that what inspired me to start my formal involvement in politics on the large stage of running for congress was that I look at the future, and I do not like what I see... and although I can still plan for it, my future is currently someone else's present and that is concerning. I want to go to congress to change Americans' lives for the better, and walk away when my time is done, satisfied with the job I did, leaving America in better shape than what it was when I arrived.

I give great thanks to the ladies of California Women Lead for tonight. 

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