Monday, May 16, 2011

Special Primary Election - May 17th 2011


Tuesday is the day you have your say.  It can be the beginning of your new pledge to vote in elections, or it can be that you have voted in every election since you were elegible to vote. 

I am on your ballot to represent the 36th District in Congress because I want this position.  Some may call it a job, or a duty, but the person elected is accountable to those in the district, not special interests groups or lobbyists.  Through this process I have interviewed with the decision makers - the voters.  I met the great people who live and work in our district, and shared my ideas and goals.  I have vowed to be accountable to the 36th district - its voters, taxpayers, and citizens.

On this day I ask for your vote.  In special elections like these, turn out is low, and every vote does impact this race.  Your vote is your voice; take this opportunity to not only cast your vote, but to begin to shape your future.

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