Friday, March 18, 2011

What’s important to Katherine Pilot?

Katherine is for fewer taxes and less government, while making sure that each federal tax dollar goes as far as possible.  Since she is an average citizen, she has her values to campaign on, not lobbyists or political ties. 

The below is - What’s important to Katherine Pilot?

Building Business – There needs to be better incentive for business in the United States of America.  Many of the strict regulations that are hampering businesses from starting, and staying open, need to be reduced or eliminated to allow for the opportunity to stimulate the economy in the private sector. 
Aerospace and global trade from our air and sea ports are large contributors to our economy, and keeping our large industries safe and prosperous is vital to our way of life.

Energy – I find our domestic energy sources need to be used to their full potential.  In addition, we have to develop and encourage inexpensive, clean, safe energy which includes nuclear and natural gas.  We have great refineries in the district that keep jobs in the area.  Being dependant on foreign oil is directly reflected at the gas pump where to fill up a 15 gallon tank, I just spent $50.  Donald Trump recently had great points about OPEC and nuclear energy when interviewed by Neil Cavuto.  

Your Bailout – We funded it, but I don’t see a change.  Instead, the banks have continued to raise your interest rates putting the American public further behind at managing their own debt.  These same banks are reluctant to loan that bailout money back out to us.  As a nation, we still have a federal deficit and budget imbalance, but our tax dollars went to bailout of the financial firms' poor wagers.  What I learned growing up was if you are not willing to lose it, don’t place your bet.

Border Security & Immigration Reform – Enforcement is key.  There are already federal laws that address immigration, and they need to be enforced.  A rework of the visa system for allowing labor into the USA so immigrants can work and become part of the American culture is important.  An improved tracking system of visa recipients is also necessary to continue our security within our borders.  I fully support use of E-Verify in the public and private sector.

Fiscal Responsibility – One should not spend more than they earn… this is a very important rule that gas not been followed for quite some time.  When faced with so many spending commitments, I do not agree to additionally tax the public or business, we need to find the necessities and remove the frivolous expenditures.  Cutting back is most of the answer.  Eliminating bureaucracy within government would be a large relief to the tax payer, allowing for those tax dollars to be utilized appropriately. 

Look for more to come shortly.

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