Saturday, March 12, 2011

Proof the Average Citizen isn't in Congress

There has been a great report that developed at the beginning of March (but really got legs on 3/9/11), that proves that the average citizen has a hard time getting elected.  It is difficult for people like me, someone with a full-time job who doesn't break six-figures, to win elections.  The newest congressional freshman class is brimming with millionaires. 

Congressional freshman class filled with millionaires

These folks have a large amount of wealth... and good for them.  They can spend plenty of their own money on a campaign for a job that makes only a small fraction of that... very similiar to the President, spending hundreds of millions to get elected to a job that pay $300k +.

I am closer to the voter I want to represent... I worry about my job, my finances, my home, on a daily basis.  I have a deep desire to make better for those who will come after me.

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