Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Signatures, Fees, and Deadlines, Oh My!

There have been a lot of developments since we last chatted!

On Monday, March 14th, 2011, Edmund G. Brown Jr., Governor of California, made the special election proclamation regarding the 36th Congressional District vacancy.  By doing this, all of the time lines were set for the primary and general election.

Now, I will say, that petitions were available beginning March 1, but this information wasn't posted on the Secretary of State website under candidate information until what I believe was March 7.  It was March 15 that all of the information regarding the requirements and deadlines was actually posted for the rest of us (who are not in the know) to be informed. 

So, I have been fully versed in how difficult it is for an average citizen to run for congress.  I'm sure a few of the other candidates have their staff, secretary, campaign manager, etc. going around to get the essential signatures, fees, information, and finance reports.  I do not.  I was doing drive-bys to various friends' homes to chat up folks in the district and explain that by signing the petition, they are just allowing me to get on the primary ballot; they are allowing someone to participate in the process.

The next deadline in March 17th, so instead of filling out my NCAA bracket, I am counting signatures, and making sure I am ready to get my nomination packet. 

You may be curious to know the process of getting on the ballot for a primary election for congress... well, the qualifications-requirements information posted on Tuesday morning explains the details.  I will say, that the financials provided seem modest (filing fee equal to 1% of the first year salary) at first.  No where in the information posted is the voter guide mentioned.  I will let you know, it is not free to get in the voter guide, nor is the cost covered in your filing fee.  I will say that I had to ask for the amount to get my blurb added to the voter guide... and I'm looking into the campaign finance laws to start fundraising.  If my blurb is in there, it will be because my supporters make it happen.

I do have a new-found respect for those who stand in front of the grocery store getting signatures for whatever cause.  I wasn't asking for money, or too much of anyone's time; I wasn't going to mail those folks anything, but plenty of people are so negative about it.  I will need to thank my mom, it was great to hear her ask folks if they are registered voters followed by "my daughter is running for congress".

So everybody - LOOK OUT!!!!  The primary is May 17, 2011!!!!

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