Monday, February 7, 2011

Jane Harman to Step Down From Congress, Vacate 36th District Seat

Earlier today news broke that Jane Harman is stepping down from her congressional position to take a job in the private sector, president and CEO of the Woodrow Wilson Center.  I wish Jane the best of success in the next career of her life.

I drive by Jane Harman's congressional office quite often, it is on Rosecrans in El Segundo, and every time I have thought that I would like to represent my district in Congress... well, here is my opportunity.  A little bit about me, I grew up in Los Angeles County, attended public school, and received my B.A. from Purdue University.  In my time since college, I have worked in what I consider the two largest industries in Los Angeles, the entertainment industry and the shipping industry. 

In the upcoming, I am going to use this as a main forum for you to get in touch with me.  I am a resident of the 36th District, who thinks of herself as an American first. 

If you would like to read what actual journalists have to say about Harman's newfound career please see all of the below, or just google it-

Jane Harman Resigning From Congress
Rep. Jane Harman set to resign from House
Rep. Jane Harman of California to resign

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