Friday, February 25, 2011

The Competition for the 36th District

The website is reporting the following-

 CA-36: Has anyone of any stature endorsed Debra Bowen yet? I have no idea, because her website is still just a freakin' splash page. And I ask because two more members of Congress just endorsed Janice Hahn: Loretta Sanchez and Laura Richardson. Endorsements don't typically mean a lot, but in this case, Hahn has really piled together an impressive roster in a very short time, which indicates her level of influence is quite strong. Meanwhile, I'm not even sure what Bowen is up to - search for her name on Google News (be sure to sort by date) and you won't find much about her, but you'll see plenty of stories about Hahn.
 I want folks to really be reminded of Janice Hahn... political family, running on the family name...  Do you really think she represents you?  A resident, voter, and taxpayer of the 36th District?  I don't think she represents me.  She saw an opportunity at a political job and is making the necessary adjustments in order to qualify.  Anyone endorsed by Loretta Sanchez does not represent my values and beliefs.

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